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School Experience Placements

The Humber Teaching School can offer experience in a range of learning environments where you can observe highly skilled teachers and gain a wealth of experience of real classroom life. The benefit of being involved in this practical approach is to allow you to reflect on the teaching practice observed and better your own understanding of what being a teacher really entails. We encourage you to be active in the lessons you observe and not just sit at the back of the classroom.

Initially we want you to feel and experience what it is like to be involved with one of our good or outstanding institutions within The Teaching School Alliance. You can also become immersed in genuine teaching practice within your own subject area of interest. We devise varied and individually bespoke timetables that will allow you to encounter a placement to suit your needs and areas of interest.

The Humber Teaching School and its Partners are proud of the unique and bespoke School Experience we can offer. The duration of the placement can also be tailored to suit you, however if you intend to apply for School Direct through The Humber Teaching School, we advise five days secondary experience for secondary and post 16 applicants and ten days for primary applicants.

A 'typical' placement may involve the following:

  • Focussed observations of the learning environment and the quality of teaching, so you can see how students make good and outstanding progress. The experience will also be based around the tools used in planning and assessment.
  • Reflection opportunities on behaviour management and how different strategies are used by experienced teachers to ensure excellent behaviour for effective learning.
  • Experience of the process of long, medium and short term planning and how an accurate assessment process is intrinsic to effective teaching.

By the time your placement comes to an end we want you to have experienced the exciting world of teaching in the best possible setting. All we ask is that you show passion and consider what you have seen and done during your experience.

We are happy to support School Direct applications in any way we can, including the reflection process.

Practise to Perfect!

When we interview candidates for our School Direct programmes, we are looking for people who have shown a passion for their subject, a passion for working with young people and an ability to be reflective and consider what they have seen and done. The School Experience programme gives you the opportunity to reflect on the practice you have seen, better preparing you for the application process to a teaching training programme or interview.

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